October 1, 2023

Public Community Relations and Running for City Council


Public relations in the community is important for anyone seeking a run for a city council seat. One must have a good standing in the community and build that up prior to running for a local election. ふじみ野市議会議員選挙  That is easy enough and yet as soon as you put your name on the ballot the gloves come off and the slander and innuendoes begin.

No longer can one hide behind their good deeds, community spirit or small business reputation in the town. From then on out, it is a matter of crisis management, public relations spin and watching your back. It is indeed too bad this is true in our communities and cities, because the best volunteer and community leader should be on the city council and yet that is politics as they say?

How does one continue a positive public relations program in the midst of running for city Council? Well, it is not easy but it can be done and if you’re able to do it you will find yourself in the news and able to get done many of the things that you wish to get done once you win the city Council seat during the election.

This is because you will bring it to the attention of the public and therefore the incumbents must take notice since it has been in the newspaper. I can tell you this once when i ran for city Council nearly all my ideas and concepts were implemented prior to the election and then there was no need for me to be on the city Council because I had already won the game. Thanks to a little PR it can be done. Ple.